Welcome to Lefkada, the unique Ionian island which is linked with the rest of Greece by road through a length 50m (free pass) floating bridge. 
Egremni Villas are located at the south end of the island, between Egremni and Gialos beaches, of which is just 3 and 5 mins away respectively. Porto Katsiki, one of the most famous beaches of the Mediterranean, is just 10min away, Vasiliki, ideal for windsurf, is 20mins away nad Kathisma Beach is 25mins away. Lefkada City is 35km away.

Lefkada has got wonderful beaches of amazing beauty which are popular worldwide. Crystal   –clear emerald waters on white sand, hidden underneath craggy rocks are exposed to the  visitors as they walk along the west and south side beaches.

The west coast of Lefkada seems to be surrended to the deep blue Ionian sea and the open   horizon. The undercurrents and the sand of the open sea have created endless white beaches   along the west coast. These beaches are interrupted by steep and imposing rocks while the  green and full of pines, cypresses, olive trees and bushes sides of the mountains create a  contrast with the white beaches. In some spots the pines literally reach the sea.

Here the sun sets in the sea. During the sunset the white beaches are painted with  thousands of colours. The sense of swimming in the sea while the sun sets is indescribable.
The naturalists visit Lefkada during the summer. They swim and enjoy the freedom of the sun  and the sea on the beaches of the south-west Lefkada. Gialos, Egremni, Porto Katsiki are  famous in the Mediterranean Sea.

Gialos beach is situated under the village Athani well-known for its beautiful sunsets. The  beach is huge, about 3 km long. In the north, just opposite the island of Sesoula with the  undercurrents, there is a small café-restaurant.

Anyone is free to swim and enjoy the beautiful sea with or without clothes. To reach  Egremni beach you have to leave your car on the mountain and go down 200 steps. There are  canteens under the pines. The sand is white and so are the rocks and the waves. The sea is   deep blue. This gives you the absolute sense of freedom. Porto Katsiki is a precipitous   coast of the palaeolithic era. The beach with its rocks and the white sand is amazing. This  is why it was nominated the best and most clean beach of the Mediterranean Sea. The west  coast of Lefkada ends with the Lefkatas Cape.

The Lefkata Cape
Lefkatas Cape or Cavo Dukato or the Lady ’s Cape or Nira (as the locals call it). It is the   biggest and the most south cape of the island , 5 miles away from Cefalonia. Homer mentions  it in his work. In the Antiquity human sacrifices were taking place on it. They would also   throw criminals for purification. Those who were in love without response would choose to   committee suicide in order to relieve their pain. According to Menandrus the first to fall  off the Lefkatas Cape was the lyric poetess Sapfo who gave an end to her desperate life   when young Faon denied her love.
On the cape there was the temple of god Apollo. Every year many celebrations to honour him   were taking place. Today on the location of the ancient temple there is a lighthouse. It   was destroyed by the big earthquake in 1948 and rebuilt later with materials from the  ancient temple.

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