Welcome Egremni

Egremni Villas are located in the south side of the island, where nature has given majestic beauty. It is decorated with sandy beaches and emerald waters. Egremni are two newly built villas with lefkadian architecture and modern structure. They weld beautifully with the landscape and the surroundings, full of flowers and greenery. Look for the peace and charm of summer, away from the traffic, the noise and the indiscreet eyes...

The surprise though starts as the sun dives into the horizon. The golden-red colours that emerge from sea and sky offer unique moments, as the soul relaxes and the mind longs for whatever wonderful the feelings felt.

Egremni Villas, Athani Lefkada,tel.1: (+30) 69 74 240 933, tel.2: (+30) 69 45 262 123 , email: info@egremnivillas.gr